Ever wonder what happened to all the cringeworthy home movies, instructional films and celebrity exercise videos that sprung from the ’80s and ’90s? Well, there’s a good chance they might have passed through the hands of Nick Prueher and Joe Pickett at one point. We caught up with Nick Prueher to get a glimpse of what it’s like to be a found film aficionado:. I think we trace our video-finding hobby back to , when I found a training video for custodians in the break room of the McDonald’s where I was working. I just couldn’t believe that something this ridiculous had been committed to videotape, so I swiped it from the break room and showed it to Joe that night. It became an obsession, this tape, and it got us to thinking that there might be more goofy videos out there just sitting at thrift stores, garage sales and other out-of-the-way places, waiting to be discovered. Most bizarre find:. Lo and behold, a tape had been left inside, and what was on it defies description. It’s a home movie that starts with a girl dancing to the Phantom of the Opera soundtrack, then it cuts to an old man dancing to the same song, shirtless and wearing a skirt.

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The Unnamed Footage Festival showcases features and short films all in the genre of found footage horror or faux documentary. With this event, we want to present to an audience these films as a legitimate cinematic movement, not a mere subgenre of horror. Spanning from shot on video experiments of the early 90s to new unreleased and underseen features, and not focusing specifically on horror, the Unnamed Footage Festival is set on opening a dialogue regarding the entertainment and artistic values of first person narrative filmmaking.

The slate of films will consist of narratives shot in the first person, and show the exciting diversity within the medium that has gone uncelebrated until now. UFF will offer audiences the chance to revisit older titles and discover new ones, while exploring comedy, science fiction, and drama, with an emphasis on the genre most often linked to found footage — horror movies.

The following entries are notable films in the found footage genre, though some were only partially made in that style. Title, Release date, Genre, Director(s).

Pickett and Prueher, childhood friends from Wisconsin, began their collection in high school by picking up unintentionally funny VHS videos from various sources a lot of garage sales. The festival tour where they showcase their collection originated out of the need to fund their full-length documentary, Dirty Country , which follows a raunchy country singer and small-town family man, Larry Pierce.

The Found Footage Festival has now completed their seventh volume. They tour across the US and will be completing a UK tour this summer. If not, we have made a short list of some of the many hilarious videos that Pickett and Prueher have curated. Check out more on their website. From cutting others off on the highway to clearly illegal harassment, Linda and a few anonymous others might get you in the mood for vengeance, but more than likely they will just make you laugh.

Hosts John and Johnny attempt ventriloquism and create a classic moment of shopping channel awkwardness. This video was originally circulated for that purpose. Let Mr. Hey Barbie!

We Talked to the Founders of the Found Footage Festival

Found footage is a film subgenre in which all or a substantial part of the work is presented as if it were discovered film or video recordings. The events on screen are typically seen through the camera of one or more of the characters involved, often accompanied by their real-time , off-camera commentary. For added realism , the cinematography may be done by the actors themselves as they perform, and shaky camera work and naturalistic acting are routinely employed.

The footage may be presented as if it were ” raw ” and complete or as if it had been edited into a narrative by those who “found” it.

Highlights include a collection of strange Saturday-morning cartoons, a video-dating reel, a home movie from a heavy-metal festival.

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Found Footage Festival

Subscriber Account active since. We all like to think that before online dating, couples met exclusively through romcom-ready meet-cutes at the airport or in the bookstore. A classic “video dater. I’m an executive by day and a wild man by night.

These days, YouTube has it all, doesn’t it? Dating advice. Singing prodigies. Movie trailers. But recent stats claim YouTube users are watching.

Go to permalink The Found Footage Festival is a fun and very strange enterprise run by Nick Prueher and Joe Pickett, who collect old videos and films and show them in various comedy clubs and movie houses. Just before, The A. Club talked to Prueher while Pickett snickered sometimes in the background about some of their secret stashes and best finds.

The A. You’ve said you started the Found Footage enterprise after finding a particular corporate training video. How did you come across it? Nick Prueher:. While still in high school, Pickett and Prueher began collecting videos from garage sales, training videos from odd jobs, and copies of tapes from a video production house.

The friends would then play selections from this collection for entertainment at parties, a practice which continued through their college years at the University of Wisconsin—Eau Claire. In , Pickett and Prueher quit their day jobs to focus on production of their first feature documentary , Dirty Country. They started the touring Found Footage Festival show to fund the production of the documentary.

The Festival is currently based out of New York City. In April , Gray Television filed a lawsuit against Prueher and Pickett for fraud and copyright infringement, after they appeared on multiple television morning shows including Gray-owned WEAU-TV as a fake strongman act known as “Chop and Steele”, and utilized the footage during their show.


To separate the wheat from the chaff. The Found Footage Festival, which began in New York in , is in some ways the opposite of a film festival: Instead of looking for the best work from far and wide, Prueher and longtime friend Pickett, both 33, assemble their program by finding the very worst. You got this glut of esoteric, weird stuff that probably never should have been committed to videotape.

So the two dug through Goodwill, Salvation Army and thrift stores to find more and realized there was no shortage of goofy footage: Because of the arrival of the DVD, people were getting rid of their VHS collections.

Found Footage Festival hosts Joe Pickett (The Onion) and Nick Prueher (Late Show Jon is studying to be a hypnotherapist and a date rapist.

By admin August 27, Christmas comes early as Joe Picket and Nick Prueher who continues to sound like a pitch perfect David Cross return with another video collection and U. For those of you unaware of this cult phenomenon from the last 8 years, The Found Footage Festival is a collection of home movies, public access shows, training videos and pretty much anything else Joe and Nick find in VHS form at yard sales, thrift stores or donations David Cross being a frequent contributor.

And as always, no YouTube videos. Joe and Nick provide the live commentary, jokes and back story to these corrupt gems. In this fast cutting montage we are instructed by Dee who squeals with delight at every colorful line she puts down. After a few minutes her screams and moans collectively start to sound like a porn star riding a sybian. Her performance is so over-the-top she could beat Cloris Leachman out of an Emmy.

The only thing scarier than learning how to wash the thing are the creepy owners hosting the video who were probably the home schooled kids growing up. The clips end with a warning on how you can kill your ferret with a barcalounger. Just eerie. Michael Chitwood such good names leads the pack. McCorkle names! So with that comes a dizzying array of clips from La-Z Boy Furniture tips on how kids can be safe from guys in trench coats to Blueberry the Clown, who comes off a thousand times scarier than any potential boy toucher.

Found Footage Festival: Volume 9

We’ve found a 80s of sexual was awareness videos at thrift stores over the years and we’ve realized one thing:. Added by Festival 7 years ago. In this seminar called “Sex At Its Best,” teens are asked questions about virginity from a man who seems less like a real person version more like a Martin Short character. This Focus On The Family production may not have been successful footage ridding us of hard-core pornography in 18 months, was promised on the was, but it did leave us with some of the greatest crowd found shots in VHS h.

Hosts Nick Prueher and Joe Pickett will celebrate the 15th anniversary of the Found Footage Festival in a nine date tour across England.

Already a subscriber? Log in or Activate your account. In different ways, both pairs are part of a growing movement of cultural Dumpster divers who celebrate found artifacts that most people overlook. The Found Footage Festival is a buffet of workout videos, instructional tapes, celebrity infomercials and just plain odd clips of cultural flotsam that Prueher and Pickett have collected since growing up together in Stoughton.

Found Magazine, which celebrates its 10th anniversary in , is a compendium of love notes, to-do lists, angry missives, old Polaroids and other personal correspondence long lost by their creators. Despite the overlap, the creators of the festival and the magazine had never met each other in person, until one night in April when they happened to be at the Orpheum Theatre at the same time. We should just team up and do something. This fall, they’ve joined forces as the “Found vs.

Found” tour, which brings both back to the Orpheum for a show on Sunday, Nov. The show will be structured as sort of a Thunderdome of found art, with each side bringing its best found item to champion in different categories.

The Found Footage Festival: Volume 9

There will be music, comedy and blood. One dollar from each ticket sold will benefit local non-profit DC. Cale: What have you been up to since the last time we talked? Nick: Found a video in a dumpster behind a government building in Vancouver. It turned out to be an instructional for developmentally disabled young men about how to masturbate.

Found Footage Festival curators Joe Pickett and Nick Prueher share five odd videos from their vast collection ahead of their tour this March.

From a rare film featuring Arnold Schwarzenegger to tips on being a real man, the Found Footage Festival certainly does throw up some unseen gems. Keegan Strandness discovers more. Longing to see Arnold Schwarzenegger at a carnival in Rio? Amidst the blockbusters booms and Hollywood hits, there are some special films that have fallen through the cracks; hidden jewels neglected of the attention they deserve and just waiting to be found.

Founded in , this festival is a travelling showcase of odd and hilarious videos found throughout North America, anywhere from garage sales and thrift stores to warehouses and dumpsters. To celebrate its tenth anniversary, the Found Footage Festival is hosting an entirely new show in London during its UK tour when it arrives here on August. This two-night event will showcase a new line-up of found video clips along with live comedy and commentary by the co-founders themselves.

This hobby-turned-business began in the small town of Stoughton, Wisconsin USA, where the young Nick and Joe would frequent charity shops looking for peculiar items to keep themselves busy. During the onset of VHS in the s, the boys began to come across many compelling and ridiculous tapes in their hunts. Compiling a novelty assortment of exercise tapes and a Mr T. Fast forward ten years and this silly collection has become an international phenomenon.

Throughout its lifetime, the festival has been featured on a host of shows including Jimmy Kimmel Live! And the future? Ad Feature Lifestyle Platinum.

80s Video Dating Montage