Samuel Colt American. In and , the American inventor and industrialist Samuel Colt — patented a revolutionary type of multishot pistol that is still used today. Colt’s revolvers had a rotating cylinder that could be loaded with several rounds and fired quickly by cocking and releasing the hammer or, in later models, by simply pulling the trigger. Early Colt firearms used percussion ignition and had to be loaded with powder, bullets, and ignition caps in separate operations. After , Colt models were produced for self-contained cartridges that are much like modern pistol ammunition. First manufactured by Colt’s factory in Peterson, New Jersey —42 , from , the revolvers were made at a much larger plant in Hartford, Connecticut. A special workshop at the Hartford factory employed highly skilled decorators and artisans, many of German origin. Their ornamental motifs, still popular in American gunmaking, centered on fine scrollwork.

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The 3rd Generation models have original Colt markings, including the barrel address and serial number stampings. Therefore a pistol was made by Remington Rand that bore the same serial number as this pistol. Very early gun, serial Some information contained in it may no longer be current.

Walther follows a pretty strict dating scheme for their serial numbers. “Colt Cavalry & Artillery Revolvers, A ContinuingColt Single Action Army.

Samuel Colt worked in submarine technology before his design for a pistol with a revolving cartridge was commissioned in mass quantity by the U. His factory would also supply arms for the Civil War as well as popularize the concept of interchangeable part manufacturing in other industries. The company’s most notable pistol is the. Young Samuel always had an interest in mechanics, and would often disassemble items to see how they worked.

At the age of 16, he attended—but was eventually expelled from—Amherst Academy in Massachusetts, where he studied navigation. In , Colt sailed on the Corvo as a seaman, where he first became fascinated with the way the ship’s wheel worked. From that idea, he carved out a wooden prototype that would lead to his invention of a rotation-type firearm with a six-barrel cylinder.

Colt patented his revolving-chamber pistol in Europe in and in the United States the following year. The idea was not immediately accepted, with gun owners unwilling to give up their trusted muskets and pistols. In , he built his first plant in Paterson, New Jersey. At just 22 years old, he proved himself to be a savvy businessman and promoter, but slow sales forced him to turn his attentions elsewhere. In , the U.

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Its faults are that it lacks special sights except for the Target dating , and fires made that are a little on colt pricey dating and somewhat underpowered. Still, the Police Positive gave rise to a family of collectible Colts, and by garsh, that should count for something! The Police Positive special the light of day info , when it debuted detective model improvement on the old square-butted Colt New Police double-action six-shooter introduced in.

Built on the Colt. The finish was nickeled or blued steel, and grips were checkered walnut with a gleaming white-metal rampant colt medallion.

Quick Facts. Name: Samuel Colt. Birth Date: July 19, Death Date: January 10, Education: Amherst Academy. Place of Birth: Hartford.

The Army ran their own trials, leading eventually to the Beretta 92F being selected as the M9. The s were fairly good years for Colt, but the coming end revolvers the Cold War would change all that. Colt had long left positive in civilian firearms to their competitors, revolvers that the handgun business could survive on their traditional revolver and M designs. Instead, Colt focused on the military market, where they held the primary contracts for production of rifles for the US military.

This strategy revolvers failed revolvers Colt through a series of events in the s. Inthe U. This was not much of a loss colt Colt’s current business, as MA1 production had stopped in. Meanwhile, the military rifle business was growing because the U. InColt’s workers, members model the Revolvers Auto Workers went on strike for higher wages.

Colt Serial Number – Manufacture Date

It was designed for the U. The Colt SAA has been offered in over 30 different calibers and various barrel lengths. Its overall appearance has remained consistent since Colt has cancelled its production twice, but brought it back due to popular demand.

Colt’s Manufacturing Company – firearms, handguns, pistols, rifles, revolvers. If multiple models appear for your serial number simply match the date with the.

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Colt Single Action Army

In , Connecticut-born gun manufacturer Samuel Colt received a U. Colt founded a company to manufacture his revolving-cylinder pistol; however, sales were slow and the business floundered. Then in , with the Mexican War under way, the U. By , the company could produce weapons per day.

Colt’s early revolvers were single-action, in which the cylinder revolved as the hammer Dating from the 16th century, the earliest practical pistols typically were.

A revolver also called a wheel gun [1] [2] is a repeating handgun that has a revolving cylinder containing multiple chambers each holding a single cartridge and at least one barrel for firing. Before firing a round, the hammer is cocked and the cylinder rotates partially, indexing one of the cylinder chambers into alignment with the barrel, which allows the bullet to be fired through the bore.

By sequentially rotating through each chamber, the revolver allows the user to fire multiple times until having to reload the gun, unlike older single-shot firearms that had to be reloaded after each shot. Though the majority of weapons using a revolver mechanism are handguns, other firearms may also have a revolver action. These include some models of rifles , shotguns , grenade launchers , and cannons. Revolver weapons differ from Gatling-style rotary weapons in that in a revolver only the chambers rotate, while in a rotary weapon there are multiple full firearm actions with their own barrels which rotate around a common ammunition feed.

In the development of firearms , an important limiting factor was the time required to reload the weapon after it was fired. While the user was reloading, the weapon was useless, effectively providing an adversary the opportunity to attack the user. Several approaches to the problem of increasing the rate of fire were developed, the earliest involving multi-barrelled weapons which allowed two or more shots without reloading.

During the late 16th century in China, Zhao Shi-zhen invented the Xun Lei Chong , a five-barreled musket revolver spear.

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Since these guns shared the same serial number ranges, it can be quite confusing as to just what you have. The problem with identifying a Colt is that Colt only stamped the model airsoft on the barrel. Most Colt revolvers had the same thread size and it was often possible to install a barrel from a totally different model on a frame. Since the frame had no identifying history and often shared serial numbers with a totally different lookup, identifying what Colt model you have can be almost impossible in some revolvers.

Years ago number parts were terribly expensive and where almost impossible to obtain. A gun owner or even gunsmith couldn’t just log on or call up a serial parts house and order the parts he needed.

dating: last quarter of the 20th Century provenance: USA, ‘Colt An American Legend’ by R.L. Wilson; Sesquicentennial Edition. The Official History of the Colt​.

Colt directly developed their line of revolvers from their Single Action Army, better known as the Peacemaker. The Peacemaker was is a very durable and simple gun. The main problem with this arrangement was the trigger mechanism’s complexity was teamed with weak parts, making simple repair by gunsmiths nearly impossible. The cylinders rotated in a counter-clockwise direction and, as wear occurred, tended to force the cylinder out of exact alignment with the barrel.

In spite of this shortcoming, the U. Navy purchased M revolvers between and

Date Made & Model Info

The factory part number for this gun is RCC and the serial number puts it in the. The last two numbers indicate the week of the year 01 – 52 , out of 52 weeks. Standard markings on the lower receiver.

American, Paterson, New Jersey. Title. Colt Paterson Percussion Revolver, No. 5, Holster Model, serial no. Work Type. Firearms-Pistols-Revolvers. Date.

Historical timeline of the development of modern weapons starting at with the first recorded use of a firearm and ending in with the introduction of automatic handguns. Before the matchlock, guns were fired by holding a burning wick to a “touch hole” in the barrel igniting the powder inside. A shooter uses one hand for firing, and a prop to steady the gun. The first device, or “lock,” for mechanically firing a gun is the matchlock.

Powder is held in a “flash pan,” and ignited by a wick, or match, in a movable clamp. Both hands remain on the gun, vastly improving aim.

Colt Police Positive .32 & .38 Special – Production Information

The serial number is unique, and cannot be uniquely identified by these early models. There are also no records for these early guns in commonwealths such as in mxl. I know all of the names, can remember NOTing eachone has a straight disconification, and i’ve rinsed my reche number and there is a arc. Decades of service, firing and finish: Serial numbers are very subtle and difficult to determine during the gun’s lifetime, if at any.

A Colt Police Revolver – dating: Third quarter of the 19th Century – [ ], is the leading platform about art acutions |

Firearms A revolver made according to a system using a patented revolving cylinder, holding six cartridges, patented by Samuel Colt, an American inventor, in With various modifications, it was for many years been the standard for the United States army. Mentioned in? References in classic literature? Finally I could endure the suspense no longer, and, arming myself with my two Colt revolvers and a carbine, I strapped two belts of cartridges about me and catching my saddle horse, started down the trail taken by Powell in the morning.

View in context. Narenasagaran said the suspects, believed to be aged between 20 and 30, had fired off a.

1963 Colt Python .357 Magnum 2 ½” Stainless or Blue Snub Revolver. Mystery of the first one